Tom Scott's 1962 Ford Thunderbird Convertible.

I am the fourth owner of this 1962 Ford Thunderbird Convertible. I had always loved the styling of the 61-63 Bullet Birds, but had never owned a classic car until one day in 2015 I got a call from my sister-in-law in Lake Wales telling me she saw a car that I might like sitting on the side of the road with a for sale sign and a phone number. I asked her to send me a picture. I drove the next day to look at it. It took over two weeks' considerable haggling over the price before I bought it. I knew it wasn't worth what the owner at the time was asking. It needed considerable work. The body and paint were as you see it in the picture. Work I've had done (not a complete list): engine pulled to replace timing chain, gaskets, exhaust manifold, and painted to correct specs; exhaust system work; dash pad replaced; clock repaired; radio repaired; front seats reupholstered; trunk lining redone; new tires; numerous electrical issues corrected; and the hydraulic lines and cylinders for the operation of the top replaced, which wasn't as difficult as some people would have you believe. Plus numerous other minor fixes. The car runs solidly. It's a joy to drive.