John Gentile.

I spent much of my life building custom engines for everyone else. Boat engines, a tow vehicle, big and small block engines for two drag race teams and the team members hot rods. I restored a 1966 Mustang fastback and did a frame up restoration with custom engine on my 1969 Camaro. Then sold them because of other financial needs at the time. Tired of only working on cars, I finally had the opportunity to purchase my lifelong dream car, a Shelby Cobra.

The car sat in a garage for almost 5 years being driven only 470 miles by the previous owner. 50 of that was to drive it to the dealership to sell it. Five years old and the engine was never broken in. After the car sat for 5 years, I had to rebuild the brake master cylinder, flush the brake system, replace the clutch master cylinder and rebuild the carburetor.

I have always loved the contrast of the smooth curved hourglass body with the absolute brutal power and acceleration of a 500hp 427ci engine in a 2300 lb. car.

My wonderful high school sweetheart and wife of 30 years and I just enjoy cruising to car shows and meeting new friends. Because of this car, we have made some new friendships and met the most wonderful people. You can't put a price tag on good friends.