Jim Anderson.

I'm originally from the Chicago area and spent most of my life there. I've been married a couple of times, lost my last wife to cancer. That was a few years ago.. I'm fortunate to have found someone that is a very special match.

I have 5 kids so far and my fiance Dana has a son - so looks like that will become 6! I have 15 grandkids. The family is spread from LA to EauClaire to Chicago - and Tampa.

My career involved industrial equipment and automation. 40 years +/- keeping machines running and building them later on. It was interesting with involvement in many different fields.

I was bitten by the car bug very early on. My brothers were a big influence. I can remember my brother's '50 Chevy with a Wolf whistle, Hollywood glass pack - and leopard seat covers. What a ride.. A '52 Dodge with wire wheels and a (mini) hemi, a hot 54 Olds, '55 Austin Healey 100, '57 Chevy, Corvettes - didn't have much of a chance to avoid the bug. One of my favorite memories is when my parents graduated from the 6 cylinder Chevy to the new 425 Olds - and my mother doing an accidental little burnout.. Her reaction was priceless.

I started racing while in high school. I had a '63 Chevy with a 365HP 327 in it, and a 3 speed on the column. Through the years I've had a couple of Corvettes, among other fun cars early on. Married life and raising all those kids kept me away from "interesting" cars for a long time. Right now, I'm trying to make up for a bit of that.

My 'ride' now is a 1981 Pontiac Firebird dressed up as a Trans Am. It's a made-up car with a '76 front end, and an HO 455 out of a '71 GTO. It's a bit of a project car with rough edges here and there, but I figure I have maybe 10 or 15 years to refine it and smooth them out. It has a TH400 trans in it, and will be quick enough to get back from the grocery store before the ice cream melts. It's generally a fairly solid car that I found in Tennessee a couple of months ago.

I'm really enjoying the time I've been spending with the group. It's great to spend time with guys that speak the same language and are in a similar place in their lives. It's truly a great experience. I'm looking forward to much more and appreciate being included in the group.

Carpe Diem !!

Jim Anderson Sun City Center, FL