David Ratti.

I've owned the car a long time. I bought it from my dad in the late 1970's. It was my high school car. Ironically, it was never a daily driver before or after I owned it, and has been mostly stored in a garage for all its life. The car has never been driven in the rain in 58 years. For the first 10 years of its life, it was never registered, adding miles a quarter-mile at a time, and even now still has less than 100K original miles. It has the high-performance 289 engine which included solid lifters, big fat harmonic balancer, and mechanical advance dual-point distributor, etc. It also has the factory 4-speed transmission and a 9-inch locker rear.

Interesting points about the car; when I joined the club (5/1/22), this was the first time she has been seen in public in decades, really since the late 80's, as life and family took priority. I just brought it down from Maryland, and finished updating the car to make her safe after years of being stored, really anything that deteriorates with time was addressed; seals, bushings, brakes, carb, etc. While repainted some years ago, it is mostly unrestored. All the sheet metal is original 1965 except the Shelby hood. The original floor pans underneath are still gloss black paint (and an occasional spider web as well). It's far from perfect and it's just a Sunday driver car - it's what I call a day 2 car - done the way I like to enjoy it.