Bill Dunlap's 1971 Challenger

I purchased my Challenger R/T in February 1971 when I got home from the NAVY. The car was purchased in Vestal, New York, from Miller Dodge. I liked the style of the Challenger, and it was in my budget because I was on unemployment at the time. In 1993 I read an ad that said that there were only 39 Challengers with the 340 engine and the SHAKER option. I contacted Chrysler to find out if that was correct. I gave them my VIN # and they said that they would research it for me. In about 6 weeks, I got a call from them and they said that my information was correct and they would send me a letter signed on a Chrysler letter head with the number of Challengers built in 1971, and the number of shaker cars with the engine size built that year. My car was one of the 39 340 Shaker cars built that year. I refreshed the car with used solid metal front fenders and rear quarter panels as the old were rusted from New York salt. The car got a new paint job with the original paint color, B5 blue. The engine had hardened valves installed so that I could use unleaded gas. The car has been kept as close to original condition as possible with no modifications. The car has always been driven and has just over 136,000 miles.