The Car Club for Old Cars and the Young at Heart People.




Roamin' Oldies Car Club, Inc.
The Car Club for old Cars and the young at heart people.

The Roamin' Oldies Car Club is dedicated to the enjoyment and use of interesting cars and trucks. Our members' vehicles include antiques, collectibles, street rods and even an occasional tractor. They range from award-winning restorations to works-in-progress of questionable heritage.

Our club was formed to share our common interest in all things automotive and to enjoy the company of like-minded friends. We also take pleasure in helping those less fortunate among us. Many of our events are conducted in support of local charities, particularly those dedicated to children, the elderly and others in need.

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Look at our news from October 2023.

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Next Roamin' Oldies car show is Sunday, October 6th, 1 PM, at Winn Dixie.

Next Club meeting is Monday July 29th, at the Sun City Security office at 1225 North Pebble Beach at 7 PM. Meetings are on the Monday before the car show.

Good shows coming up, check out our events calendar.

Roamin' Oldies 2024 Cruise Calendar. All car shows are Sunday at 1 PM.

August		NO SHOW
September	NO SHOW
October		6th
November	3rd
December	1st
January		5th 2025

Roamin' Oldies 2024 Club Meeting Calendar. Meet at 7 PM

July		29th
August		26th
September	30th
October		28th
November	25th
December	30th

The Roamin' Oldies Executive Board:

President			Frank Gagliardi
1st Vice President		Frank Oddo  
2nd Vice President		Mark Sloper 
Treasurer			Rocky Riso
Secretary			Mary Kish
Historian			Lou Szuch
Web Master			Pat Masterson
Publicist			Larry Rhodes 
Director of Event Security	Ed Kish

See our memoriam to deceased members. Read the Club Bylaws here.